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Stewarts Cajun Bullies is a small boutique show kennel dedicated to raising premium quality French Bulldog puppies for sale to both pet and Show homes. We are a small Hobby/ Fancier breeder that breeds French Bulldogs for show. We are Not a "Puppy Mill" and we do not sell out babies to puppy mills.  We are family owned and operated, with over 30 years dedicated to raising and exhibiting our fabulous French Bulldogs.  We produce a limited number of first-rate French Bulldog puppies for sale every year and we don't always have puppies for sale. Our Frenchie babies are raised inside of our home with all the love and attention that we can give them.

Stewart's Cajun Bullies breeds for HEALTH first followed closely by conformation and temperament.  All of our adult dogs are vet checked and certified Healthy Before we make a decision to breed.  Cajun Bullies will never knowingly breed any dog that exhibits congenital defects.

Stewarts Cajun Bullies is known for the large square "Brick Head" and full/double nose roll (when is the last time you saw a full nose roll on a French Bulldog?) Our dogs also demonstrate a stocky-cobby body that, combined with the beautiful bully head and square balanced build, form our trademark appearance.

All of our breeding is carefully considered to provide French Bulldog puppies that are Healthy, intelligent, playful, and loving.  All of our French Bulldog puppies display a Stocky cobby look, plus an agility and vigorous healthy attitude that makes for the BEST little French Bulldog puppies that you will find anywhere.

Stewarts Cajun Bullies is the home of MANY Homegrown, Bred by Exhibitor,  US Champions and several nationally ranked top 10 French Bulldogs in the USA.  Home of :

CH. Stewarts Boss Hog ranked Top 10 USACH. Stewarts Peter Pumpkin top 10 in the USA – CH. Stewarts Top Gun - CH. Stewarts Beethoven – CH. Stewarts Xa Xa – CH. Stewarts Eva - Ch. Stewarts Buster Brown and many more....

Call now to find out about French Bulldog Puppies for sale or to find out about our Fabulous French Bulldog Studs!

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